Senior Scribe Core
The Senior Scribe Core is composed of eight to ten individuals who have leadership ability, experience in, or a desire to operate in, a hospital setting and the skills to manage (or learn to manage) a group of people. This group will interact closely with the Operations Manager of Documentation Services and the overall scribe project manager, with exposure to various organizations executive level personnel. For motivated and talented people who want to accelerate their medical career, a 2 – 4 year commitment to being a Senior Scribe will make you stand out.

Job Description
All Senior Scribes will go through the scribe training program and, upon successful completion of this program, will train with the Operations Manager. After training they will provide scribe service to Emergency Department physicians within the ED and work with their assigned scribes as Senior Scribe. Each Senior Scribe will be assigned up to thirty scribes to mentor. In addition to scribing and mentoring scribes, Senior Scribes will serve as a local point contact with the ED providers, ensuring effective communication regarding the scribes, taking any complaints or concerns and providing updates regarding the scribe program. This position is designed to be full-time position.

Job Requirements

  • College degree in a health or science related field OR equivalent combination education and job experience
  • A strong desire to work in a hospital and medical setting
  • The position will require four (4) to six (6) per week scribing in the ED ranging from six to eight hours each
  • A minimum commitment to the job of 24 months
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 15 lbs., and work in a fast paced, stressful environment
  • Travel: locally 75% to various Emergency Departments

Job Tasks

  • Successfully complete the GVSU Scribe Academy
  • Provide scribe service to ED providers
  • Management of assigned scribe pod (up to 30), including any necessary disciplinary action
  • Conduct scribe chart audits as well as provider evaluations of scribes
  • Aid in providing continuing education to the scribes
  • Assist with educating providers on use of EMR system
  • Management of global scribe e-mail account and responding to e-mails
  • Scheduling of assigned scribes and review of scribe time cards
  • Assist with future hiring and interviewing of additional scribe groups and programs
    Assist and conduct non-clinical and clinical training
  • Working closely and directly with appropriate administrative teams

This position pays an hourly rate. First year rate is $14 per hour unless there is compelling experience. Compensation increases annually with successful reviews. Health benefits (including vision and dental) are available.

Please contact Clark Vredevoogd ( should you have interest in this position.