Emergency Medicine

ECS has a proven track record for providing quality emergency medical care. As we have grown to over 13 emergency departments across 3 health systems, we have developed a great deal of experience across the continuum of acute care. Visit the partners page to view where our physicians are currently practicing.

Helix Scribe Solutions

Helix Scribe Solutions allows our emergency department physicians to focus solely on patients and medicine. While the ED provider interacts with the patient, Helix scribes are in the background, utilizing Electronic Medical Records to document the interaction between the physician and patient. All scribes have successfully completed the GVSU Scribe Academy, completed and receive on-going clinical training with Chief and Senior Scribes, have a working knowledge of basic medical terminology, and are interested in healthcare professions or have compelling medical backgrounds. Senior Scribes have college degrees in health / science related fields.

Addiction Medicine

ECS is dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic with evidence-based, coordinated addiction care.  Professional Treatment Solutions (PTS), a subsidiary of ECS, provides outpatient, acute inpatient hospital consultation and emergency department-based treatment options to ensure patients can receive the care they need wherever they may present.  PTS partnered with Cherry Health to help those struggling with substance use disorders achieve recovery and reach their full potential. 


Medical Management Specialists (MMS) is the premier billing company and revenue management solution for physicians in Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, Anesthesiology, Toxicology, Observation, Gastroenterology and more.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Children requiring emergency care have distinct needs. That's why our Pediatric Emergency Physicians have specialized training and skills in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. At the only level 1 pediatric trauma center in West Michigan, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, ECS treats more than 55,000 pediatric patients every year. We are dedicated to high quality and compassionate care of sick and injured children of all ages throughout the region.  Click here to learn about our Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship.


We make it a priority to quickly and correctly ascertain an injury or medical problem using advanced ultrasound technology when possible. ECS physicians are specifically trained to use ultrasound technology to diagnose injuries where conventional methods of determination might take too long, require too much time to prepare, or introduce greater risk to the patient. Click here to learn about our ultrasound fellowship.


Some emergency department visits require a slightly extended observation stay. These patients frequently require services beyond their initial emergency care to determine the need for extended hospital stays. ECS observation specialists provide high-quality and efficient care to patients to help determine a necessary inpatient stay and decrease unnecessary inpatient admissions.  Click here to learn about our observation fellowship.

Medical Toxicology

When it comes to providing the specialized evaluation of care and poisoned emergency room patients, ECS provides uncompromising support and expertise. Our medical toxicologists are trained to handle the most difficult and life threatening poisonings, allergic reactions and overdoeses, and provide high level of expertise in diagnosing and managing the care of poisoned emergency room patients.


Treating the pain and anxiety that accompanies a patient to the ER is critical to patient satisfaction and quality of care. ECS sedation specialists have received the highest-level training and credentials necessary to safely provide sedation plans individualized to each patient, thus maximizing patient comfort while ensuring patient safety.