As a national leader in Emergency Medicine, ECS supports the continued education of our providers.  These programs build the skills that providers need in order to lead our group and help shape EM policy in the future.

Ralph N. Rogers, MD ECS Physician Business Fellowship Supporting the advanced business education of ECS physicians in pursuing an MBA degree.
Academic Leadership Development Track One-year program supporting development of future EM residency core faculty.
Administrative Leadership Development Track Supporting Medical Director and future hospital administrator development.
Advocacy Leadership Track Supporting involvement and training in local, state, and national healthcare advocacy entities.
Information Technology Leadership Track Support of education and certification in information technology, EHR systems, and data management.
Quality Leadership Track Education and certification in quality programming, alternative care models and population health.
Revenue Cycle Management Leadership Track Training in understanding and management of billing, coding, collections, and payor relations.
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ECS physicians are leaders in state and national EM advocacy groups, helping to protect our patients and create a sustainable future for EM providers.  Policy decisions at the state and federal level have profound implications on the practice of EM.  Everything from CMS reimbursement, fair payor practices and patient access to emergency care are affected by decisions made by our elected officials.  ECS supports our providers as they lead the organizations that advocate for EM patients and providers.

American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Advocacy for our specialty is highly valued by ECS. That is why we pay yearly ACEP dues for all eligible ECS physicians.
Michigan College of Emergency Physicians (MCEP) MCEP Immediate Past President, Warren Lanphear, is a founding member of ECS, and our past president. Dr. Lanphear continues to practice clinically for ECS as well.
Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA) Don Powell, ECS VP Revenue Cycle Management and Advocacy, is the current board of directors chair-elect for EDPMA, a nationally recognized advocacy organization for Emergency Medicine.