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With over 37 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, we have developed expertise in all areas of acute care. Solving problems in acute care for health systems is what we do.


Emergency Medicine ECS has a proven track record for providing quality emergency medical care. While taking care of nearly 10% of the emergency department patients in Michigan, we have developed a great deal of experience across the continuum of acute care.
Medical Toxicology When it comes to providing the specialized evaluation of care and poisoned emergency room patients, ECS provides uncompromising support and expertise. Our medical toxicologists are trained to handle the most difficult and life threatening poisonings, allergic reactions and overdoses, and provide expertise in diagnosing and managing toxicology emergencies.
Sedation Treating the pain and anxiety that accompanies a patient to the ER is critical to patient satisfaction and quality of care. ECS sedation specialists have received the highest-level training, and credentials necessary to safely provide sedation plans individualized to each patient, thus maximizing patient comfort while ensuring patient safety. We provide sedation services in the ED as well as inpatient and outpatient settings. Contact us if you need sedation services.